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Julian Hungenberg

Julian Hungenberg
PhD Student
Geb. PNS, Rm.

Publications in the Thelakkat group

[1] Erhardt, A., Hungenberg, J., Chantler, P., Kuhn, M., Huynh, T.T., Hochgesang, A., Goel, M., Müller, C.J., Roychoudhury, S., Thomsen, L., Medhekar, N.V., Herzig, E.M., Prendergast, D., Thelakkat, M. & McNeill, C.R. Design Principles of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Thienopyrrolodione Acceptor1–Acceptor2 Copolymers. Advanced Functional Materials, n/a(n/a):2314696, 2024.