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Latest News

Guest students joined AFUPO

Nikita Gupta (Cens, Bangalore) and Dr. Mahima Goel (Ramjas College, New Delhi) joined our group as guest researchers in October 2017.

Ambivalent role of plasmonic nanomeshes

A detailed study of plasmonic metal nanomeshes as transparent electrodes in organic solar cells was carried out in a joint work with Retsch Group at Bayreuth.

Scientific Reports , 7, 42530, 2017 

Mukundan ThelakkatWelcome to Applied Functional Polymers group at University of Bayreuth!

We are an interdisciplinary group covering fields of Chemistry, Physics and Material Science.

Our objectives are

  • to design and develop novel tailor made functional molecules, polymers and block copolymers,
  • to combine organics with other functional inorganics to get hybrid systems and
  • to contribute conceptually to solar energy conversion and storage.

Our tools include diverse thin film preparation techniques, self-assembly and device preparation and characterization in addition to elaborate synthetic methods.