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Energy and Electron Transfer Studies

Taylor-made model systems in which tetraphenylbenzidine (donor) unit is coupled to a perylene bisimide moiety (acceptor) using well defined bridges are developed. Time resolved emission studies to elucidate energy transfer dynamics are carried out. (Joint work with Experimental Physics IV)


I. Donor-Bridge-Acceptor

Ch. Scharf, K. Peter, P. Bauer, Ch. Jung, M. Thelakkat, J. Köhler, Chem. Phys. 328 (2006) 403 P. Bauer, H. Wietasch, S. M. Lindner, M. Thelakkat, Chem. Mater.19 (2007) 88








Two dimension array of time and spectral resolved fluorescence of donor bridge acceptor dyads measured using streak camera.

















II. Photochromic switches

The influence of substituents on photoisomerisation wave length, kinetics and yield in photoswitchable diethienenyl ethylene derivatives are studied to realize molecular electronics and photoswitchable systems.


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