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Tailor-made Synthesis

Nitroxide mediated controlled radical polymerization (NMRP) and Grignard metathesis polymerisation (GRIM) are used for diverse polymer chitecture guaranteeing control in molecular weight, low polydispersity and variable composition.


Examples are


I. Functional Homopolymers







Side-chain crystalline poly(perylene
bisimides): PPerAcr  
Side-chain amorphous
triphenylamines: PvTPAs
Main-chain conjuated polymers:
Poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HTs)



II. Block copolymers with single functionality







PS-block-amorphous-crystalline PPerAcr: PS-block-PvTPAs amorphous-crystalline PS-block-P3HT, PtBA-block-P3HT: crystalline-amorphous



III. Fully functionalized side chain block copolymers






PvTAA-block-PPerAcr: amorphous-crystalline



IV. Conjugated main chain block copolymers






P3HT-block-PPerAcr (crystalline-crystalline)


In the field of n-type semiconductors, diverse structures of perylene bisimides were developed using unsymetrical substitution of perylene bisimide core resulting in crystalline, liquid crystalline and hydrogen bonding derivatives. 

V. Unsymmetrical Perylene bisimides             VI. Unsymmetrical Perylene imide imidazole






In the field of light harvesting dyes for applications in solar cells secondary donor antenna groups are introduced to improve absorption and to retard recombination kinetics.

VII. Donor - antenna dyes







N 719    Ru-TPA  Ru-TPD




Improvement in absorption as well as retardation of recombination